WILMAG KENYA LIMITED is a wholly Kenyan owned Company that specializes in ground and surface water development; this includes:

  1. Facilitation of Groundwater hydrogeological surveys.
  2. New borehole/ well drilling.
  3. Borehole/well rehabilitation which entails;
  • Cleaning
  • Fishing of pump/tools from boreholes.
  • Re-test pumping
  • Repair/replacement of submersible pumps, hand pumps and accessories
  • Replacement of raiser pipes
  1. Design and installation of borehole/well pumping systems.
  2. Reticulation systems which entails;
  • Fabrication and installation of elevated tanks and towers
  • Construction of ground masonry tanks
  • Installation of pipelines and distribution networks.
  1. Supply and Installation of water pumps (surface, submersible, hand and booster), generators, control panels, pipes and accessories.
  2. Training in management, operation and maintenance of water projects.


We are registered with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation as qualified water contractors. License No. MTAC-1298/16 and also the National Construction Authority Reg: 9453/W/0214 and

Reg: 9453/B/0214.




WILMAG KENYA LIMITED is based in Nairobi city at New Commercial House first floor. New Commercial House is situated at the junction of Enterprise road and Commercial Street in Nairobi’s Industrial area.




WILMAG KENYA LIMITED has highly qualified and motivated staff specializing in the following fields:

  1. Borehole Drilling, rehabilitation, equipping and servicing
  2. Community Capacity building in water project management and operations
  3. Spring identification and protection
  4. Electronic/ electrical engineering
  5. Mechanical engineering
  6. Plumbing works
  7. Construction of concrete/masonry water tanks
  8. Fabrication and installation of tank steel towers

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