Other services

Other Services

In addition to the above services WILMAG also offers:

II.    Borehole & water system inspections

Many lending organizations or home buyers are now requesting a water professional to check over water systems so they know the condition of the borehole, equipment and water quality before final papers are signed. WILMAG well drilling checks the well (is physically assessable) for location, water quality, water level and yield. The pump system, including tank and any treatment systems are checked for condition and efficiency. This inspection gives an overall picture of the water system condition and compliance to today’s standards of water system compliance or if anything should be corrected, replaced or upgraded.

III.    Borehole Monitoring

Our borehole monitoring experience is not only with single boreholes but also cluster, multi-port and nested boreholes. Our well-equipped workshop ensures the good maintenance of the equipment in order to reduce breakdown in the field and inconvenience to the clients.

IV.    Pump Testing

Step and pump tests are run to gather more detailed data on the well’s capabilities. Residential wells may want to just know the well yield. Larger commercial and irrigation wells may need to gather additional data and documentation on the well’s yield, quality tests or effects on surrounding water wells. WILMAG has crews that can run tests of all time lengths at a wide range of pumping levels. The test pumps in stock can pump up to 1000gpm with larger pumps available.